Brik Book Lite (PC and Mac)

$ 29.99

The Perfect Laptop Cover for Creatives!

• Over 50% lighter than the original Brik Book
• Compatible with most 12"-17" laptops
• LEGO compatible
• The perfect gift for any builder

Order by October 31: Receive a Bonus Gift!

(Ships November 2016) Decorate your PC or Mac laptop with this interactive (LEGO compatible) decal. This patent pending cover uses a removable adhesive that can be reapplied dozens of times. The cover is 10.7" wide by 7.6" tall and it's compatible with most 12"-17" laptops. 

BONUS ($19.99 Value)

All pre-orders will receive the Brik Starter Kit for FREE!
The Brik Starter Kit Includes:

Brik Starter Kit

• Pix the Penguin Design Kit (also works for building your name)
• 2 Brik Clips (for hanging and cable organizing)
• Brik Removal Tool

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